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Global Reskilling Movement 


With technology advancements and evolving job market dynamics, traditional ways of working are being disrupted. GRM understands that addressing big problems requires bold solutions, and it is dedicated to providing accessible and applicable learning opportunities to people worldwide.

Through GRM program, we ensures that quality education and skill development are accessible to all. GRM equips individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate their career paths successfully. This empowers them to unlock new opportunities and contribute to economic growth.

GRM recognizes that investing in education and reskilling is crucial for personal growth and essential for driving positive social and economic change. By closing the skills gap, enhancing employability, and fostering a more productive workforce,

We compliment job opportunities, promotes entrepreneurship, and strengthens economies. The movement believes that embracing lifelong learning and adapting to the evolving job market empowers individuals to shape a brighter future.


Here are three serious issues that will have significant consequences if reskilling is not undertaken:

Rising unemployment

Technological advancements and automation are changing the landscape of the workforce. Those who fail to update their skills and knowledge may face the risk of unemployment as they are unable to adapt to the requirements of emerging industries and positions.

Deepening skills gap

The skills gap refers to the disparity between demand and supply of skills in the labor market. With industry transformations and rapid technological advancements, many people’s skills have become outdated. Without reskilling, the skills gap will further widen, resulting in more people missing out on employment opportunities.

Social inequality

Reskilling is not only crucial for individual career development but also significant for overall societal progress. If certain groups do not have access to reskilling opportunities, they will be at risk of poverty and social exclusion, further aggravating social inequality issues.

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Dato' Dr Hamid Arshat
GRM Ambassador

Imran Safiulla
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Jeff Yeo
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Niney Chong
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Chezka Gonzales
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Sajid Bhutto
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Athar Qureshi
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Give The Gift Of Hope, Your Support Can Change Their Life

Invest into future, join us in our mission to promote quality & accessible educational
opportunities, and provide underprivileged individuals access to the skills they need to succeed in the modern world.

Together, we can create a more skilled and prosperous society for all.


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