Pakistan & Malaysia Gathering – Empowering Minds

The Pakistan-Malaysia Gathering was an eye-opening event that united education enthusiasts. Throughout the event, Mr. Jin Tan, Chief Global Initiator of GRM, shared his vision to empower millions of global individuals with essential skills, which has left attendees inspired and motivated.

Our distinguished guests & speakers, Muhammad Shariq Arthar Qureshi (MD TTS), Mr.
Wagar (Secretary General Press Malaysia Pakistan Federation) and Mr. Amjad Sultan (Bureau Chief ASLAF), emphasized the importance of accessible education in Pakistan, showcasing GRM pivotal role.
We were honoured to have Mr. Sunny Ali, CEO of Extreme Commerce, join us, adding another layer of expertise to our conversations about education and its future.

GRM remains committed to transforming education, ensuring affordability and quality for all around the world. This event was a catalyst for insight, inspiration, and meaningful connections, promising to drive education forward in Pakistan and beyond.